MSA-Multi Serass offers a diversified range of services,
whose extent can be tailored to client needs and features.
In particular, the company is able to cover all of the typical functions of an in-house Claims Department, managing all the ‘core’ ‘infrastructural’ process phases. It also offers specific vertical services or individual pieces of the claims process.

Traditional outsourcing

Full claims outsourcing

International Claims Management

Runoff management

Systems development


The company provides specialized skills for managing predetermined claims clusters to companies with their own claims departments, using its internal systems and processes.

The highly technological features for which the company’s IT systems stand out make link-ups to company claims departments a simple matter, with efficiency benefits lasting the entire duration of the partnership.

Full claims

MSA-Multi Serass deals with ‘current’ claims management, both motor and non motor, CARD and no CARD, both simple and complex. Operationally, MSA-Multi Serass acts as an in-house claims management department, managing all stages of the settlement process including coordinating and drawing up technical guidelines.

One of our key benefits is undoubtedly a management IT system which can be parameterised and personalised to client company needs (direct, traditional, automotive, specialised), interfacing with its portfolio system and with insurance databases or services that are specific to the Italian market.

International Claims Management
(Fourth Motor Insurance Directive and Green Card)

Its network of representatives and agents in various nations enables MSA-Multi Serass to manage the cross-border claims of a great many international companies in Italy and, at the same time, international claims on behalf of companies working on the Italian market.


MSA-Multi Serass offers a complete management service for ceased portfolios or claims stocks from previous years, for all branches including specialist ones.


With its long-term innovation propensity in the claims management software field, over the years MSA-Multi Serass has developed a platform of IT architectures which enhance operational efficiency and maximise flexibility. MSA-Multi Serass makes its in-house applications available in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, for companies to manage Motor, Property and Casualty claims on their own.