Outsourcing insurance claims management

MSA-Multi Serass supplies insurance companies with full outsourcing services for the whole insurance claims management process,
from the starting point of a proprietary technological platform which is one of the most sophisticated on the market. MSA- Multi Serass is one of the companies of MSA Mizar Group, that offers a wide set of outsourced vertical services in the claims management value chain.

Our key words


Fully outsourced management of all phases in the insurance claims process, including by means of the support of the services provided by other MSA Mizar Group companies.


Services designed to answer to client needs with specific vertical processes for each individual phase of the damage settlement procedure.


aligned with best market practices

Development of IT applications – also SaaS available – designed to optimise insurance companies’ management of all phases in the settlement process.

Services for the insurance market

MSA-Multi Serass is a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) which takes technical and operational responsibility for damage settlement. The company satisfies the logic of time/cost efficiency and management efficacy (minimising average costs), to guarantee the highest level of service in total compliance with legislation.
MSA-Multi Serass goes beyond the role of a traditional BPO, in order to support its clients through business set up, helping them to understand market’s complexities and specificities, working on the basis of client service requirement guidelines and transforming these into personalised processes, on the strength of its forty years of expertise.

This means that ours are much more than straightforward client-supplier relationships. They are authentic partnerships.

The flexibility of our services enables us to act as an in-house claims management department, managing all insurance claims processes in outsourcing, but also acting vertically to cover each individual phase of the damage settlement process.

MSA-Multi Serass France

Check out all the services provided by our French Global Service Provider to outsource claims management processes.

MSA-Multi Serass Spain

Visit the website of our Global Servicer Provider in Spain to find out more about all the fully outsourced claims management processes it offers.

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